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Niice Armor!!!


Copper Breeze... My favorite and the only character that I play in all games regularly. I have made her to the best of my limited ability and I think she rocks. Her Melandru's Stalker is a very "hearty" beast named Banshee.

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  • Prophecies
    • Check below for current status
  • Factions
    • Check below for current status
  • Nightfall
    • Check below for current status
  • Eye of the North
    • Finished my first Heroes Handbook and working to finish my first Dungeon Handbook


Favorite weapon - varied, depends on the land and the enemies

Favorite Armor - Elite Druid

Max Titles[edit]

no maxes yet

Mission Status[edit]

Prophecies Reward Factions Reward Nightfall Reward
The Great Northern Wall M&B Minister_Cho's_Estate Master HM Master Chahbek_Village Master
Fort Ranik M&B Zen_Daijun Master Jokanur_Diggings Master
Ruins of Surmia M&B Vizunah_Square Master Blacktide_Den Master
Nolani Academy M&B Nahpui_Quarter Master Consulate_Docks Master
Borlis Pass M&B Tahnnakai_Temple Master Venta_Cemetery Master
Frost Gate M&B Arborstone Master Kodonur_Crossroads Master
Gates of Kryta M&B Boreas_Seabed Master Rilohn_Refuge Standard
D'Alessio Seaboard M&B Sunjiang_District Master Pogahn_Passage Master
Divinity Coast M&B Kurzick Side Eternal Grove Master Moddok_Crevice Expert
The Wilds M&B Luxon Side Gyala Hatchery Master Tihark_Orchard Expert
Bloodstone_Fen M&B Unwaking_Waters Master Dzagonur_Bastion unknown
Aurora_Glade M&B Raisu_Palace Master Dasha_Vestibule Master
Riverside_Province M&B Imperial_Sanctum Master Grand_Court_of_Sebelkeh Expert
Sanctum_Cay M&B   Jennur's_Horde unknown
Dunes_of_Despair M no bonus Nundu_Bay Master
Thirsty_River M&B Gate_of_Desolation Master
Elona_Reach M no bonus Ruins_of_Morah unknown
Augury_Rock M&B Gate_of_Pain unknown
The_Dragon's_Lair M&B Gate_of_Madness unknown
Ice_Caves_of_Sorrow M&B Abaddon's_Gate unknown
Iron_Mines_of_Moladune M&B  
Thunderhead_Keep M&B
Ring_of_Fire M&B
Abaddon's_Mouth M&B
Hell's_Precipice unknown

List of Treasure Maps[edit]

Want to go on a Treasure Chest Hunt with me? Check this chart to see when I went last.

Region Buried Treasure Completed Do Not Touch Completed Treasure Chest Completed
Istan Issnur Isles 2/16/09   Mehtani Keys 5/23/08
Kourna Arkjok Ward 5/23/08 Bahdok Caverns 8/15/08 Jahai Bluffs 5/23/08
Vabbi The Mirror of Lyss 5/23/08 Forum Highlands 5/23/08 The Hidden City of Ahdashim 2/16/09
The Desolation The Ruptured Heart Completed?   The Sulfurous Wastes 02/22/09
Realm of Torment   Domain of Pain Completed?
Nightfallen Jahai Completed?