List of Nightfall locations

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Chahbek Village - (outpost)
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Sunspear Arena - (outpost)
Consulate Docks - (outpost)
Sunspear Great Hall
Champion's Dawn
The Astralarium
Beknur Harbor
Jokanur Diggings - (outpost)
Blacktide Den - (outpost)
Kodlonu Hamlet


Venta Cemetery - (outpost)
Dajkah Inlet - (outpost)
Sunspear Sanctuary
Nundu Bay - (outpost)
Yohlon Haven
Pogahn Passage - (outpost)
Kodonur Crossroads - (outpost)
Camp Hojanu
Rilohn Refuge - (outpost)
Moddok Crevice - (outpost)
Wehhan Terraces


Fortress of Jahai
Chantry of Secrets
Yahnur Market
Honur Hill
Grand Forum of Vabb
Jennur's Horde - (outpost)
Basalt Grotto
Tihark Orchard - (outpost)
The Kodash Bazaar
Grand Court of Sebelkeh - (outpost)
Citadel of Dzagon
Dzagonur Bastion - (outpost)
Halls of Chokhin
Mihanu Township
Dasha Vestibule - (outpost)

The Desolation[edit]

Gate of Desolation - (outpost)
Remains of Sahlahja - (outpost)
Bone Palace
Lair of the Forgotten
The Mouth of Torment
Ruins of Morah - (outpost)

Realm of Torment[edit]

Gate of Torment
The Shadow Nexus - (outpost)
Gate of the Nightfallen Lands
Gate of Pain - (outpost)
Gate of Fear
Gate of Secrets
Gate of Madness - (outpost)
Temple of the Six Gods
Abaddon's Gate - (outpost)

Domain of Anguish[edit]

Gate of Anguish
The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx