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Outdated Monsters[edit]

Since the introduction of 7 heroes and the ongoing skill buffing and with the increasing level of skills players gain with GW Beyond i am going to rework this suggestion quite a bit. No longer focussing on NM i am going to suggest a build change to all of the HM monsters of all the campaigns to match the level of current players better, is what i said before but with the modestly speaking very large increase in power of the monsters i like to adopt the Zaishen Mode difficulity for this suggestion. As it can be seen below i do not mind using more than one elite in a skill bar to increase the difficulity. Monsters now also have skill that work better as a team and in some cases i even designed a new enemy to make monster team builds work better. The great increase in difficulity might also need a new and better reward to compensate the new difficulity. I also plan on adding area effects and NPC's to assist players. Starting with prophecies.

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