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German flag.pngGerman translation task force (GTTF)

This project lists several translation errors in the German localization of Guild Wars. As this page is monitored by Arena Net, be careful with your edits and do not propose subjective corrections or changes to names the community is already used to. This means that we do not rename outposts, areas, npc names or other lore elements to correspond to the english localization (this does not include spelling or grammatical mistakes).
You can also use the official German Localization Bugs page, where you can post your found tranlsation errors.
If you find things in this list which has been already resolved by an update, simply strike them out: <s>Resolved mistake</s>.

Feel free to join this project and add missing things! Use this userbox on your userpage.

Current members:

ArenaNets review comments:

  • Yes - The problem has been fixed.
  • Reported - The problem will be fixed.
  • No - This is not considered a problem.

Skill description bugs belong to the non-concise versions, if not mentioned.

Discuss and/or sort[edit]

If you are unsure which category fits best for your suggestion. Please discuss these topics before adding to a category.

  • The Rifts Between Us is translated with "Tür zu es zieht" instead of the word by word translation "Die Risse zwischen uns".
  • Priest of Balthazar: Some heroes have their profession name in the same gender as your character has even if they are from the opposite sex. (example with female character: "Goren (Kriegerin)"; example with male character: "Tahlkora (Mönch)")
  • The Half-Eaten Mass and the Half-Digested Mass are both translated with "Halbgegessener Brocken", they only differ in the value (5g, 12g) in german. There are three "Half-Digested"-items in english, all translated with "Halbgegessene(r)" (though "Halb verdaut" would fit better, but people are used to it now). The two "Half-Eaten"-items differ: The "Half-Eaten Blob" is translated as "Halb gegessener Klumpen" (with a space), the "Half-Eaten Mass" as "Halbgegessener Brocken" (without a space). Adding a space at the 5g-value "Halbgegessener Brocken" would make the names consistent and could help to differ them.
  • Heraldic Shield: Has two different translations: "Wappenschild" (drop in Istan) and "Waffenschild" (from Collectors). Should be both translated with "Wappenschild".
  • Shiverpeak Lifeband Robes and Shiverpeak Windcaster Robes are both translated as "Zittergipfel-Windzauberer-Robe", but the first mentioned should be named "Zittergipfel-Beschützer-Robe" (more apt) or "Zittergipfel-Lebensband-Robe" (equal to the Losaru Lifeband Robes).


June 2009


  • Ritualist
  • Draw Spirit is translated with "Geist entziehen" (in english: "Withdraw Spirit") It should be "Geist anziehen" or "Geist heranziehen"

Bonus Mission Pack

  • The Flight North
  • Discovery
  • "Find the key hiding places Gwen could have used to elude the Charr." is translated with "Den Weg nachverfolgen, den Gwen durch das Charr-Gebiet genommen hätte." (in english: "Follow the way which Gwen had taken through the Charr-Lands.") correct: "Finde die entscheidenden Verstecke, die Gwen benutzt haben könnte um den Charr zu entschlüpfen."
  • The Battle of Jahai
  • Discovery
  • "Find the strategic viewpoints Turai would have used to plan his assault on the undead lord." is translated with "Den genauen Weg finden, den Turai genommen hätte, um den untoten Herrscher anzugreifen." (in english: "Find the exact way which Turai had taken to attack the undead lord.") correct: "Finde die strategischen Aussichtspunkte die Turai genutzt haben könnte um seinen Überfall auf den untoten Lord zu planen."
  • The Rise of the White Mantle
  • Discovery
  • "Determine how Saul could have protected the Krytan villagers against the initial attack." is translated with: "Herausfinden, wie Saul die Leben seiner Anhänger trotz dieser widrigen Umstände geschützt haben könnte." (in english: "Determine how Soul could have protect the lives of his followers despite the adverse circumstances.") correct: "Finde heraus, wie Saul die krytanischen Dorfbewohner gegen den ersten Angriff (die erste Angriffswelle) hätte schützen können."
  • "Explore the most dangerous path Saul may have traveled on his way into the Charr war camp." is translated with: "Erforschen, welchen Weg Saul genommen hätte um in das Lager der Charr einzudringen." (in english: "Explore which way Saul had taken to invade the Charr camp.") correct: "Finde den gefährlichsten Weg, den Saul auf seinem Weg ins Kriegslager der Charr genommen haben könnte."
  • The Tengu Accords
  • Discovery
  • "Explore the locations Togo would have searched to clear Minister Wona's Estate of assassins." is translated with: "Den genauen Weg nachverfolgen, den Togo und Talon Silberflügel durch Wonas Gebiet genommen hätten." (in english: "Follow the exact way which Togo and Talon Silverwing had taken trough Wona's territory.") correct: "Untersuche die Orte die Togo aufgesucht hätte um Wonas Anwesen von Assasinen zu befreien."

Spelling and grammatical mistakes[edit]

Please post only spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Guild Rank is displayed with an unnecessary colon behind the number, example: "Gildenrang: 329:"
  • The emote /ponder is translated with "[Character name] grübelt über der Situation"; correct: "[Character name] grübelt über die Situation"


  • Mystic Regeneration: one comma too much: "[...] +[number], für jede Verzauberung, [...]", correct: "[...] +[number] für jede Verzauberung, [...]"
  • Mystic Corruption: missing blank between the words "nächsten20 Sekunden". "nächsten 20 Sekunden..." would be correct.
  • Wurm Siege: Is translated Belagerungswurm (like the Wurm itself), but it should be Wurmbelagerung, as the wurm and not you sieges.
  • Veil of Thorns: One "e" too much: "[number] Sekundeen", correct: "[number] Sekunden"
  • Wail of Doom: Unneccessary space in the beginning: " Schicksalsklage"


  • Elixir of Valor is translated with "Elixire der Tapferkeit" but correct is "Elixiere der Tapferkeit"
  • Chromium Shards is translated with "Chrom-Scherbe" but correct is "Chrom-Scherben"
  • Blood Drinker Pelt is translated with "Bluttrinker-Pelze" in singular and "Bluttrinker-Pelzee" in plural. Should be "Bluttrinker-Pelz" in singular and "Bluttrinker-Pelze" in plural.
  • Lunar Token: Singular and Plural forms were switched.
  • Echovald Shield: is translated with "Echwald-Schild" but correct is "Echowald-Schild"
  • Grim Cesta is translated with "Grausiger Cestus" but the correct german spelling would be "Caestus" (see Caestus).
  • Inscriptions: "inscribable" is translated in non inflected form with "gravierbar" instead of an inflected form as "gravierbare".
  • Weapon Upgrades (like Hale and of Fortitude which give additional health): German translation says "Lebenspunkt +X" (missing "e", correct: "Lebenspunkte +X"

Allied and hostile NPCs[edit]

Gender problem[edit]

male characters are displayed with female names and the other way round

  • Luxon Scavenger is translated as "Luxon Plündererin" (correct: "Luxon Plünderer")
  • Many female Merchants are marked a male "[Kaufmann]" (correct: "Kauffrau"). (list needed)
  • Many female Collectors are marked as a male "[Sammler]" (correct: "Sammlerin"). (list needed)
  • Vabbian Noble are translated with "Vaabi Edelmann" while the characters are female. Better would be for example "Vaabischer Adel".
  • Kun Shao: German descriptions says "Agentin" but it's a man! Correct: "Agent"
  • Amind the Bitter is translated as "Amind der Verbitterte". As Awakened Thought Leechs are female, it should be "Amind die Verbitterte" instead.
  • Grown (male) lions become female.
  • Librarian Kahnu is translated as "Bibliothekar Kahnu", but is female. Accordingly it should be "Bibiliothekarin Kahnu".
  • Commander Giturh is translated as "Kommandeur Giturh". As Awakened Thought Leechs are female, it should be "Kommandantin Giturh" instead.
  • Stone Singer
english german
Stone Singer Jarek - Steinbarde Jarek
Stone Singer Lotte - Steinbardin Lotte
Stone Singer Kasia - Steinbardin Kasia
Stone Singer Dalf - Steinbarde Dalf
Stone Singer Treff - Steinbarde Treff
Stone Singer Oswalt - Steinbarde Oswalt
Stone Singer Minka - Steinbardin Minka
Stone Singer Wira - Steinbardin Wira
  • All Stone Singer are male, so either some of them have a female name or they have the wrong model / figure.
    The Stone Singer with the green backgound are correct, they're only listet for the sake of completeness.
  • The female Vabbi Guard Captain is translated as "Vaabi-Wachhauptfrau", but most military ranks (such as "Hauptmann") have no feminine ending / appendage.



  • /report panel: "Choose a reason to report [name]:" is translated to "Wählt eine Kategorie, in der Ihr melden wollt, [name]:", but it is not a personal adress, it's the person you want to report!
  • /report panel: Mouse over info box states that leeching function is still tested!
  • Help panel, Priest of Balthazar, Skill trainers, Skill panel, ...: "[profession] Skills" is tranlated to "[profession]-Fertigkeiten" (profession is here the profession name in your own gender, for example "Ritualistin") but in some* cases you need a special compound form.
    * The correct translations would be: "Krieger", "Waldläufer", "Mönchs", "Mesmer" , "Nekromanten", "Elementarmagier", "Assassinen", "Ritualisten", "Paragon", "Derwisch". Additionally, all professions used here should be male, even if the viewing character is female because of the "generisches maskulinum".


  • Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood: Missing "die" in the description "Sucht Jadebruderschaft am Bukdek-Seitenweg und vernichtet sie". Correct: "Sucht die Jadebruderschaft am Bukdek-Seitenweg und vernichtet sie."

Wrong or misleading translations[edit]

Only misleading wrong translations, this includes also nonsense mutations.


  • Inscriptions: "Spellcasting weapons" is translated to "Zauberwirker-Wegpunkte" instead of "Zauberwirker-Waffen" ("Wegpunkt" is "waypoint" in english).
  • Resurrection Orb: Revives dead team members within 50 feet, german translation says 150 meters (correct: ~15 meters)
  • Keen Oni Claw is translated with "Klaue des scharfen Oni" but it better should be "Scharfe Oniklaue" as "scharfer Oni" gives a lustful meaning. Additionally, the adjective "keen" actually refers to the Claw, whereas the German version refers to the Oni.
  • Bandana is translated "Halstuch", which means "neckcloth". As the Armor Peace isn't worn at the neck, but on the head, "Kopftuch" would be better.
  • Hall of Monuments "Honor" statue: "Eternal Furtune" is translated to "Ewiger Reichtum", correct "Ewiges Glück"
  • Monk Sacred Sandals are translated with "Elite-Geweihte Sandalen" instead of "Geweihte Sandalen".
  • Scarecrow Mask is translated "Vogelscheunen-Maske". Correct would be "Vogelscheuchen-Maske".
  • Slice of Pumpkin Pie is translated to "Scheibe Kürbiskuchen", but there are no "Scheibe Kuchen" in German, only "Stück" (german argumentation), correct: "Stück Kürbiskuchen"


  • The Skill Infuriating Heat is translated "Irritierende Hitze". But the Spirit this Skill creates is named "Geist der schrecklichen Hitze". Both the spirit's and the skill's name should actually be translated as "erzürnende" or "aufbringende Hitze".

  • Frustration: Short description: "unterbrochen werden" should be "unterbrochen wird".
  • Shadow Refuge and Shadow Sanctuary are both translated with "Schattenzuflucht". Shadow Sanctuary could be translated with "Schattenasyl" instead.
  • Recovery: "Spirit of Recovery" is translated with "Geist der Erholung" (in english: "Spirit of Recuperation") instead of "Geist der Gesundung".
  • Vengeful Was Khanhei: Vengeful is translated here with "Nachtragend"; the correct translation "Rachsüchtig" is used for the item itself and also for Vengeful Weapon. The ash is called "Asche des Rachsüchtigen Khanei" which is missing the H.
  • Wielder's Remedy: Should better be translated with "[...] verliert ein Verbündeter [...]" to make clear that it's not bound to one ally.
  • Slayer's Spear: "[...] If that foe has more Health than you [...]" is translated with "[...] Wenn der Gegner mehr Energie als Ihr hat [...]" (correct: "Lebenspunkte")
  • Signet of Synergy: You don't suffer from an enchantment, better: "[...] nicht unter Auswirkung einer Verzauberung steht [...]"
  • Godspeed: Translated as "Gute Reise", which has nothing to do with "Godspeed". Correct would be "Göttliche Schnelligkeit/Geschwindigkeit" or something similar.
You are wrong. Only literally translated, godspeed results in "Göttliche Schnelligkeit". Actually it does mean "gute Reise".
  • Scorpion Aspect: The translation of "every 30 seconds" is missing completly

Allied and hostile NPCs[edit]

  • Thorn Devourer Drone is translated with "Dornenverschlinger-Krone", but it has to be "Dornenverschlinger-Drohne" (see Drohn)
  • Chained Cleric is translated "Ketten-Kleriker", which would mean "Chain Cleric". It should be "Angeketteter Kleriker"
  • Diseased Minister: After the cutscene, the name of this NPC in the mission objectives is displayed as "Befallener Minister" instead of "Erkrankter Minister" which is his real name. (See this image for details)
  • Frost Wurm Young and Young Frost Wurm are both translated Junger Frostwurm. Frost Wurm Young should be translated with Frostwurm Junges instead.
  • Norn Commoner: They are simply translated "Norn". It should be "Norn Bürgerlicher" (for the males) and "Norn Bürgerliche" (for the females).
  • Brett is incorrectly named "Brutt" in the German translation.
  • Ediehl Shockhunter is incorrectly translated into german as "Edielh Blitzjäger". It should be "Ediehl Blitzjäger".

Dialogs and quests[edit]

  • Forgotten Retribution: English quest description says "Kill 40 Margonites. You have destroyed [number] Margonites.", German translation says "Tötet 40 Margoniter. Noch [number] Margoniter übrig" but it should be "Ihr habt [number] Margoniter getötet."
  • Factions outpost description: "Faction to control: [number]" is translated with the confusing "Zu kontrollierende Fraktion: [number]", better would be "Benötigte Belohnungen: [number]"
  • Asuran/Ebonian/Norn Handbook converter: Second german paragraph has no english counterpart, solution: delete
  • Haroj Firemane in Kodonur Crossroads: "Let me get you out of here [...]" -> "Holt mich hier heraus [...]" (correct: "Lasst mich Euch hier heraus holen")
  • Mad King:
    • If he plays rock-paper-scissors against a player and he loses, he says "I have lost? How can that be? DID YOU CHEAT ME? No, I suppose not. Here is your reward.". This is translated "Ich habe verloren? Wie kann das sein? HABT IHR GESCHUMMELT? Nein, vielleicht nicht. Hier ist eure Belohnung." The diffrence is minor, but this means "No, maybe not". This could mean that the King is doubtful, but gives the reward anyway. "Nein, ich denke nicht" could be a possibly better translation.
    • When he starts the Game "Mad King says", he forces the player to use the /flex command. "Let me see your muscles! Mad King Says: FLEX!". This is translated "...: BEUGEN!". The translation is correct, but the German command /beugen stands for /bow. Thereforce, most of the German players die as they missunderstand the command. To prevent this, it could be translated "...und jetzt: LASST EURE MUSKELN SPIELEN". Or the command could be appended in brackets, like it is done with the /goteam emote: "...: BEUGEN! (/flex)" or "....: BEUGEN! (/muskelspiel)".
  • Hero's Handbook and Master Dungeon Guide NPCs: "Look at my [name of book]" is translated to "Hier habt ihr ein vollständiges [name of book]", delete "vollständiges"
  • Alacena in Arbor Bay says: "Aber man kann jemanden noch was beibringen, wenn er tot ist." Really?
  • Orozar Highstone: "Incoming! Look alive!" is translated with "Sie kommen! Lebt noch!", correct: "Sie kommen! Beeilt euch!"
  • Armorsmith of Whispers: "[...] from the demons [...]" is translated to "[...] von den Korsaren [...]", correct: "von den Dämonen"
  • Keeper of Whispers: the button states in German that you need one Gemstone, actually you need one of each!
  • Gellir Frostshield: "[...] and the cost of the pine box" is translated with "Holzkiste" but "pine box" should be "Sarg"
  • Luxon Diplomat and Kurzick Recruiter in Great Temple of Balthazar say both "Fort Eschenwald" instead of "Fort Espenwald" for Fort Aspenwood.
  • Alshom Ghislaun claims that Rurik comes from Cantha instead of Ascalon.
  • Kina in Kamadan is translated to "Kinah" and has the wrong translation (in current form she says she serves Abaddon!)
  • Wisdom of the Druids: "impatience" is translated with "Unschuld", which means "innocence".
  • The quest reward dialogue for Second Born is the same as the quest reward dialogue for First Born. This should be corrected.


  • Hero skill disabling: "Hold Shift and click to disable." is translated with "Wenn Ihr auf diese Fertigkeit klickt, während Ihr Umschalttaste gedrückt haltet, wird die generelle Verwendung automatisch aktiviert."
    Better (and correct) translation: "Zum Deaktivieren mit gedrückter Umschalttaste klicken." (a lot shorter)
  • Party Search panel, Tooltip if you ask for invitation via the Party Search Panel: The current german translation ("[Character name] hat eure Einladung abgelehnt.") means "[Character name] has declined your invitation.", which is not correct (and finally unfriendly), because the english text is "[Character name] has not accepted your invitation.". Recommended translation: "[Character name] hat eure Einladung nicht angenommen." (see also the - german - explanation of this problem)
  • Console messages "[name] has been declared as a leecher." and "You have reported [name] as a leecher": First "leecher" is translated with "Abstauber", second time with "Leecher". It should be "Leecher" all the time as it is a fixed term.
  • Help panel: "Recent Visited Locations" -> "Kürzlich angesehene Websites" (correct: "Kürzlich besuchte Orte"), to make it clear that these entries list up all recently loaded/visited/travelled outposts and areas
  • Help panel: "Recent Encountered Skills" -> "Kürzlich erfahrene Fertigkeiten" (better: "Kürzlich begegneten Fertigkeiten"), to make it clear you have seen how an enemy used this skill (and you don't have learned this skill)
  • Hero Control: "Double-click to cancel this order." is translated with "Zum Annullieren dieser Bestellung doppelklicken." It should better be translated with "Zum Annullieren dieses Befehls doppelklicken."
  • /report panel: The german red text at the beginning of the box has no english counterpart, solution: delete.
  • Performance Monitor: shows "KB" where "MB" were downloaded.
  • Option panel [F11], General tab: "Double-click to Attack/Interact" is translated with "Zum Ausführen doppelklicken". It should better be translated with "Zum Angreifen/Interagieren doppelklicken".
  • Party Search: In Mouse-Over Popup "District" is translated with "Bezirk" instead of "Distrikt"
  • Loading screen: "[number] remaining files" is translated to "[number] weitere Dateien", correct: "[number] verbleibende Dateien"
  • "Devotion": German warning of being customized is not changed to warning of being dedicated.
  • Main menu: The first "Account name" is translated to "E-Mail Adresse", the second one three lines below with "Account-Name", correct: "Account-Name" (also because "name@plaync"-accounts have no valid email adresses)

Missing translations[edit]

Missing translations, or missing / redundant parts in an existing translations.

  • At the end of The Forgotten Ones and at the end of Forgotten Wisdom, Sariss Yassith and Siliss Yassith use the word "Quest" in German. As "Quest" is actually not a German word it should be translated there to "Auftrag" or "Aufgabe".
  • Eve should tell german players a spine-chiller, instead it's just "Aaaaaoooohhhhhhh!", correct: "Sicherlich fürchtet Ihr Euch nicht vor Kindergeschichten? Armeen von Untoten die nach sterblichem Fleisch dürsten, sich ihren Weg aus dem Grab in ihrem fanatischen blinden Wunsch zu dienen freigraben... Ausgetrocknete Zombies in verwelkten Hüllen, die mit unerbitterlichen klauenartigen Fingern das Fleisch herunterreißen... Die Schönheit eines stillen, noch schlagenden Herzens... Diese Dinge jagen Euch Angst ein? Wie traurig. Ihr müsst Euch wirklich mehr unter Kontrolle haben."
  • Mhenlo's text is not correct translated. Instead of his long text he just tells one sentence.
  • Nenah's text is not translated
  • Rock Ice: there is no translation
  • Shadow is translated as "Schatten" in Ember Light Camp but translated as "Shadow" in Henge of Denravi
  • The Great Zehtuka: His name is not translated during Good Demon Hunting
  • Major Jeahr: is not translated. Though "Jeahr" refers to a player name and the title "Major" can also be used as a german term, he could be translated as "Älterer Jeahr" istead.

Displaying errors[edit]

For example not enough space for displaying the whole sentence.

Proposed translations for better German[edit]

To make existing translations more fluently and natural.


  • Reduce the use of colons:
    • Altar capturing (in Heroes' Ascent and GvG Battles): Whenever an altar is captured it says "XY captures altar!". In German this could also be translated with "XY hat den Altar erobert!" instead of "Altar erobert von: XY!". This also applies to flag stands, morale boost etc.
    • Morale boost timer: "[Color] moral boost" is translated to "Moralschub für: [color]", better translation: "Moralschub für [color]"
    • Collectors: "I'm searching for [...]" should be translated with "Ich suche [...]" instead of "Ich suche Folgendes: [...]"
    • Calling (skills): "I'm using [skillname] (on [target])!" is translated with "Ich verwende folgende Fertigkeit: [skillname]!" / "(Auf das Ziel [target] wende ich die Fertigkeit [skillname] an!".
      Better translation: "Ich wende [skillname] (auf [target]) an!" (examples: "Ich wende Fürbitte der Heilung auf Zhed Schattenhuf an!", "Ich wende Wiederherstellungs-Aura an!")
    • Calling (weapons): "I'm wielding a [firsthand] and a [offhand]!" is translated with "Ich führe folgende Waffen: [firsthand] und [offhand]!"
      Better translation: "Ich trage "[firsthand]" und "[offhand]"."
    • Calling (deaths): "I'm moving to the corpse of [name]." is translated with "Ich bewege mich auf den folgenden Kadaver zu: [name]."
      Better translation: "Ich bewege mich auf den Kadaver von [name] zu."
    • Calling (talking): "I'm talking to [name]." is translated with "Ich spreche mit: [name]."
      Better translation: "Ich spreche mit [name]." (no colon)
    • Calling (objects): "I'm using a [object]." (eg. "I'm using a Lever.") is translated with "Ich benutze: [object]."
      Better translation: "Ich benutze [object]." (no colon)
    • Calling (target): "I'm targeting [target]!" is translated with "Das ist mein Ziel: [target]!"
      Better translation: "Ich visiere [target] an!" (see also "I'm targeting myself!")
    • Calling (pick up): "I'm picking up a [object]." is translated with "Ich hebe Folgendes auf: [object]."
      Better translation: "Ich hebe "[object]" auf."
    • Status text: "You drop a [object]." and "You pick up the [object]." are translated with "Ihr legt Folgendes ab: [object]." and "Ihr habt Folgendes aufgenommen: [object]."
      Better translation: "Ihr legt "[object]" ab." and "Ihr nehmt "[object]" auf."
    • Gold drops: "Your party shares [number] gold." is translated to "Eure Gruppe teilt sich Folgendes: [number] Gold."
      Better translation: "Eure Gruppe teilt sich [number] Gold."
    • Chests opening dialogue: "Would you like to use a [key name] to unlock the [chest name]?" is translated to "Möchtet Ihr einen [key name] benutzen, um Folgendes aufzuschließen: [chest name]?"
      Better translation: "Möchtet Ihr einen [key name] benutzen, um die [chest name] aufzuschließen?"
    • Priest of Balthazar: "[faction] Faction Available" is translated to "Verfügbare Belohnungen: [faction]"
      Better translation: "[faction] verfügbare Belohnungen"
    • Quest Log: Specific Primary Quests; e.g. "Primary Dwarf Quests" is translated "Primäre Quests: Zwerg".
      Better would be "Primäre Zwergenquests" or "Primäre Zwergen-Quests".
  • Point farming: e.g. "[number] undead creatures slain." is translated to "Getötete Untote: [number]", better "[number] getötete Untote.", you can ignore the one single undead creature case because this message appears first at 5 slain creatures.
  • Skills and Attributes Panel: If the skills are sorted by profession, the game displays following headers: "Common" -> "Allgemeine", "Primary Profession" -> "Primäre Klassen-" and "Secondary Profession" ->"Sekundäre Klassen-". This would work in a sentence with "Fertigkeiten", but since these are headers, they should be (in the same order): "Allgemein", "Primärklasse" and "Sekundärklasse".
  • Observe panel: Translates "Top" with "Spitzen" or "Beste". It would be better to use "beste(r/n)" always.
  • In the Graphics Options "Shader Quality" is translated with "Schattierungsqualität". "Shader" is a technical term and SHOULD NOT BE TRANSLATED.


Allied and hostile NPCs[edit]


  • Holy damage: Holy damage which was Light damage before is translated to "Sakral-Schaden" instead of "Heiliger Schaden" (Smiting skills actually do "Heiligen Schaden")
  • Incoming!: the German translation "Schon unterwegs!" (~"already on my way") is inappropriate since "incoming" should be a warning against an impact of damage. There is no accordant word in German but something like "in Deckung!" (take cover) would be a better translation.
  • Angorodon's Gaze: The German translation uses the same contruction as the English skill name ("Angorodons Starren"), but this is only possible for proper names in German. Correct would be "Angorodon-Starren" (="Andorodon Gaze") or "Starren des Angorodons" (="Gaze of the Angorodon"). Same for Kirin's Wrath.


  • Scorpion Wire: "...knocked down.." is translated with "...zu Boden geschlagen...".
    Normally, "knocked down" is translated with "...zu Boden geworfen..." and should also do so here.

Dialogs and quests[edit]

  • The Shadow Blades: one objective says "Eavesdrop on the Shadow Blades' meeting. Remain hidden.". This is translated "Belauscht das Treffen der Schattenklingen. Bleibt in eurem Versteck.", which would mean "Stay in your hideout." This is confusing, as there nowhere is a hideout, as you should only stay away from the foes with your aggro circle. Better would be "Bleibt unentdeckt" or "Bleibt verborgen".

Arguable improvements[edit]

Not so important changes, such as boss names and word by word translations.


  • Greater Guardian Spear is translated "Großer Wächterspeer", correct would be "Größerer Wächterspeer".
  • Blessed Insignia is translated to "Segens Befähigung", correct would be "Segens-Befähigung".
  • Survivor Insignia is translated to "Überlebender Befähigung", corrent would be "Überlebenden-Befähigung". When applied on equipment, it actually means, that your equipment has managed to survive instead of you.
  • Caged Shortbow is translated "Dornen-Kurzbogen", which would mean "Thorns Shortbow".
  • Taro Leaves was once translated "Taro-Blätter" but changed to "Pflanzenblätter" in September 2007, which is too general. "Taroblätter" or "Wasserbrotwurzelblätter" are better, according to the German Wiki. [1]
  • Forked Spear is translated "Gabelspeer", which would mean "Fork Spear". Better would be "Gegabelter Speer".
  • Forked Hornbow is translated "Gabel-Hornbogen", which would mean "Fork-Hornbow". Better would be "Gegabelter Hornbogen".
  • Spiked Recurve Bow is translated "Stachel-Recurvebogen", which would mean "Spike Recurve Bow". Better would be "Stacheliger Recurvebogen"
  • Bramble Blade and Briar Blade are both translated with "Dornenklinge" and "Dornen-Klinge".
  • Decayed Orr Emblem: is translated with "Rott-Orremblem" but correct would be "Verrottetes Orr-Emblem".
  • Huge Jawbone is translated with "Mega-Kieferknochen" but correct would be "Riesiger Kieferknochen". As they are dropped by Giants (German: Riese), they could also be named "Riesen-Kieferknochen".
  • Hardened Hump is translated "Harthöcker". Correct would be "Verhärteter Höcker" or even "Verhärteter Auswuchs", as this item probably should present a crooked part of the Ettin it drops.
  • Ram's Hammer is translated to "Rammhammer" which would be "Ramming Hammer" in English. The correct translation would be "Widderhammer" or "Schafbockhammer".
  • Scythe Snathe and Scythe Grip are both translated with "Sensengriff". A better translation for "Scythe Snathe" would be "Sensenstiel" as snath is the shaft of a scythe (see also german Wikipedia)
  • Bleached Carapace is translated to "Bleich-Rückenpanzer", correct would be "Ausgebleichter Rückenpanzer".
  • Iridescent Griffon Wing is translated to "Schillergreifenflügel", correct would be "Schillender Greifenflügel".
  • Dessicated Hydra Claw is translated to "Dörr-Hydraklaue", correct would be "Ausgedörrte Hydraklaue" or "Ausgetrocknete Hydraklaue". (English mistake: "Dessicated" is spelled wrong, it should be "desiccated")
  • Forgotten Seal is translated to "Vergess-Siegel", correct would be "Vergessenes Siegel", or even "Siegel der Vergessenen" (as the seal is not forgetten itself, but it's former owners are).
  • Encrusted Lodestone is translated to "Ziermagnetstein", correct would be "Verkrusteter Magnetstein" as "encrusted" means "verkrustet", "überkrustet" but not "verziert" (english: "adorned").
  • Ancient Remains, used for the quest The Misplaced Sword, are translated to "Alte Reste", correct would be "Alte Überreste".
  • Augmented Flesh is translated with "Verbessertes Fleisch", better "Mutiertes Fleisch". It's not an improved flesh, it's flesh from mutated people now serving Shiro.
  • Droknar's Tactics Shield is translated "Droknar's Taktik-Schild", but Droknar's Strenth Shield is translated "Droknar's Schild der Stärke". Accordingly, one of both shield's names could be adapted to the others.

Allied and hostile NPCs[edit]

  • Uhiwi the Smoky is translated "Uhiwi der Rauchende", which would mean "Uhiwi the Smoking. It should be "Uhiwi der Rauchige" or "Uhiwi der Qualmige".
  • Saushali the Frustrating is translated "Saushali der Enttäuscher", which would mean "Saushali the Frustrater". It should be "Saushali der Enttäuschende" or better "Saushali der Entmutigende", which would be more accustomed.
  • Balasi the Arcane is translated "Balasi der Geheime"; better would be "Balasi der Geheimnisvolle".
  • Balthazaar's Cursed (,which is also misspelled in english) is translated "Der Verfluchte Balthazars". Normally, Balthazar is written "Balthasar" in German, accordingly it should be "Der Verfluchte Balthasars".
  • Fester Fang is not translated. To translate it word by word, it would be "Eitergeschwür-Fangzahn". To give the boss a more euphonic Name, it could also be "Eiternder Fangzahn" or "Verwesender Fangzahn", depending if the word "fester" stands fo suppuration or decay.
  • Charr Hexreaper is translated "Charr Hexschnitter". It should be "Charr Fluchschnitter".
  • Zephyr Hedger is translated "Zephyr Heckengärtner", which would mean "Zephyr Hedge Gardener". Better would be "Zephyr Drückeberger" (which clips better, as the description of the quest where you can find this plant mentions that they are ornery). As "Zephyr" and "Hedger" are not this creatures first and last name, it should be "Zephyr-Drückeberger".
  • Fenster the Golden got renamed to "Finster der Goldene". If this has been done to cirumvent jokes (Fenster translates to window) Fenstir would have been better, since Finster means dark.
  • Vabbian Commoner are translated just with "Vaabi" instead of "Vaabi-Bürger"


  • Maelstrom: the translation "[...] erleiden umstehende Feinde in diesem Bereich [...]" could cause confusion. A clearer translation would be "[...] erleiden umstehende Feinde an dieser Position [...]"
  • Mantra of Flame/Frost/Earth/Lightning: The translation could be better. ("Für X Sekunden wird Schaden, wann immer Ihr [...]")
  • Shield of Deflection. To be aligned with other "Shield of .." skills it should be "Schild der Ablenkung" instead of "Ablenkungsschild"
  • Critical Eye and Critical Agility: "aktualisiert sich jedes mal" and "wiederholt sich jedes mal" would be better translated as "erneuert sich jedes mal" for easier understanding.
  • Shield Bash: Currently translated as "Heftiger Schildschlag", while "Schildschlag" would be enough.
  • Boon Signet: "(Maximum [number] energy)" is translated with "(Maximale Energie: [number])", better: "(Maximal [number] Energie)"
  • Healing Burst is currently translated with "Heilsalve" but as a burst is more powerful and to be aligned with other "Healing ..." skills it should be translated with "Heilender Ausbruch"
  • Healing Ring and Karei's Healing Circle: To be aligned with other "Healing ..." skills it should be "Heilender Ring" and "Kareis heilender Kreis"
  • Aftershock: "...Knocked down foes are struck for 10...56 additional earth damage." is translated with "Umgestoßene Gegner erleiden 10...56 Punkte zusätzlichen Erdschaden". Better would be "Zu Boden geworfene Gegner erleiden 10...56 Punkte zusätzlichen Erdschaden", to make clear that it's a KD.

Dialogs and quests[edit]

  • Dashon: During the Quest A Peaceful Solution, he says "You can't fool me that easily!", which is translated with "Verarschen kann ich mich alleine!". That is 1. translated quite unattached to the original text and 2. far too coarse. Better would be "So einfach könnt ihr mich nicht hereinlegen!".
  • Vabbi Guard: During the Quest Reclaiming the Temple, a Vabbi Guard says "So you think this is a game. Well, guess what? I'm winning." Its translated "Ihr denkt also, das ist ein Spiel. Tja ... Ich gewinne!" According to the english dialogue, the idiom "Guess What" should be mentioned, e.g. "Ihr denkt also, das ist ein Spiel. Nun, stellt Euch vor! Ich gewinne!"
  • Koss: During the Quest Drakes on the Plain, one of his dialogues is "...I have had it with these Balthazar-blasted drakes on this Balthazar-blasted plain!". The German translation is "Ich habe genug von götterverfluchten Lindwürmern und diesem götterverfluchten Flachland!". The english version mentions the God Balthazar, whereas the german version is speaking of all gods in general. It should be changed to "Ich habe genug von diesen von Balthasar verfluchten Lindwürmern und diesem von Balthasar verfluchten Flachland!". (since "Balthazar-Blazed" is a neologism, it may could also be translated into "Balthasar-verflucht" or "von Balthasar verflucht", involving a slightly better sentence structure).


  • Skills and Attributes panel: "[Character name]'s Skills" is translated to "[Character name]-Fertigkeiten"
    Better translation: "[Character name]s Fertigkeiten" (no "s" if [Character name] ends on "-s", "-z", "-x" or "-ce")
    or "Fertigkeiten von [Character name]" (like "Skills of [Character name]"), cause no problems with different endings.
  • Skills and Attributes panel: "Friend of the Luxons/Kurzicks Title Track" is translated to "Titel Freund der Luxon/Kurzick", it should be "Freund der Luxon/Kurzick-Titel" as this would be the same translation style as of "Sunspear Title Track"
  • Quest Log: Quest categories should be named better. Suggestion: Delete "Quests: " and only display the name of the area as everyone knows that this are grouped quests, because you find this list in the quest log panel.
  • Party Formation window: "Party Formation" should be better translated with "Gruppenbildung" instead of "Bilden einer Gruppe"
  • Favor of the Gods message: "[number] more achievements will earn the favor of the gods." is translated to "[number] weitere Leistungen, um die Gunst der Götter zu erlangen.", correct: "[number] weitere Leistungen werden die Gunst der Götter verdienen." or less word-by-word: "[number] weitere Leistungen werden benötigt, um die Gunst der Götter zu verdienen."