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Nae Lussia Taani

Assassin's Promise.jpg Assassin's Promise is Nae Lussia Taani's favorite skill.
Miniature Gwen.png The Gwen is Nae Lussia Taani's favorite miniature.
Deldrimor Talisman.pngAmulet of the Mists.pngBook of Secrets.pngDroknar's Key.pngMedal of Honor.pngWedding Headpiece f.pngImperial Dragon's Tear.png
  • Gender: Female.png Female
  • Origin: Tyria Tyria
  • Created: 2008-04-17
  • Runs:
  • Farms:
- Fastfoot & Nephilas

User Nae Lussia Taani Nae Lussia Taani.jpg

Oldest and still main character. Started as Minion Master with a pet (allies everywhere!!), then SS curser. Heading to GWAMM title, but she's the only character to look for title