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Vale Siloe

Ray of Judgment.jpg Ray of Judgment is Vale Siloe's favorite skill.
Black Moa Chick.png The Black Moa Chick is Vale Siloe's favorite miniature.
Deldrimor Talisman.png Amulet of the Mists.pngBook of Secrets.pngDroknar's Key.png Medal of Honor.png Wedding Headpiece f.png Imperial Dragon's Tear.png
  • Gender: Female.png Female
  • Origin: Elona Elona
  • Created: 2008-05-31
  • Runs:
- A Time for Heroes
- Ruins of Morah
  • Farms:

User Nae Lussia Taani Vale.jpg

As I don't like heal/prot build (heroes are way more reactive than me), so I just... can't play monk, because without heal/prot they are quite useless... RoJ sounds fun but foes quickly step away. Not so convinced by SoJ dagger spammer as well