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Lunei Cho Altani

Chaos Storm.jpg Chaos Storm is Lunei Cho Altani's favorite skill.
Miniature Celestial Ox.png The Celestial Ox is Lunei Cho Altani's favorite miniature.
Deldrimor Talisman.pngAmulet of the Mists.pngBook of Secrets.pngDroknar's Key.png Medal of Honor.png Wedding Headpiece f.png Imperial Dragon's Tear.png
  • Gender: Female.png Female
  • Origin: Cantha Cantha
  • Created: 2008-11-20
  • Runs:
  • Farms:
- Stygian gemstones

User Nae Lussia Taani Lunei.jpg

At first I didn't like mesmers. Then I tried but it appears that I don't have lightning reflexes to interrupt efficiently. However, there are some other nice ways to play it and it looks like quite broken.