Lion's Arch (Halloween)

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Lion's Arch
Lion's Arch Halloween 2006.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Port
Party size 6
Exit(s) North Kryta Province
Lion's Gate
Lion's Arch Keep
Lions Arch Halloween 2008.jpg
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Lions Arch Halloween 2008a.jpg
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Lion's Arch, as it appears when it celebrates Halloween.

The seat of power in Kryta, Lion's Arch housed the royal palace of King Doric and his line until after the last Guild War. Now, the White Mantle run the city. The old buildings have all been razed, making space for barracks and more practical structures.

— in-game description



This zone is normally unavailable, but during Halloween, it replaces the normal Lion's Arch, and can be entered in the way normal Lion's Arch would have been entered. (Making that version unavailable for the duration of the event.)

Quests available[edit]

Halloween quests[edit]



Central area[edit]

The appearance of the armorer, merchant, and weaponsmith.

Crafter's Corner[edit]


Lionguard Barracks[edit]

The appearance of Firstwatch Sergio's, Magi Malaquire, and the guild registrar.

Merchant's Row[edit]

The appearance of the dye, material, rare material, rare scroll, and rune traders.


  1. NPC has a different level during the Halloween festival.


Armen the Guide: "I've been craving brains all day! Mmm...brains..."
Canthan Ferry Captain: "I have killed more mergoyles than I can number, and today I wake as one of them! How have I angered the gods?"
Dye, material, rare material, rare scroll, and rune traders: "! mmphMM"[sic]
Lionguard : "Look, I'm floating!"
Liran: "I am so hungry I could eat...brains!"
Grahame, Samuka
"Keep that hellhound away from me. He's been sniffing my femur all day."
"How strange! I can feel the wind rattling my bones...."
"I feel so naked! Does anyone have a blanket, or something?"
"Don't stand too breath is truly foul."
"I hope my mother doesn't see me like this..."


Anomaly Anomaly.Canthan Ferry Captain appears in place of Canthan Ambassador with the same dialogue as the Canthan Ambassador.

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