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Ascalon (pre-Searing)

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about Ascalon before the Searing. For the current state of Ascalon, see Ascalon.

Prophecies screenshot 060.jpg
Continent Tyria
Town None
Neighbor(s) None
Campaign Prophecies
Ascalon (pre-Searing) loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
Ascalon (pre-Searing) interactive map.jpg
Interactive Map of Pre-Searing.
Pre-Searing Unclean Map.jpg
An unexplored map of pre-Searing Ascalon.
Other non-interactive maps
Ascalon signpost.jpg
Ascalon signpost.
Ascalon waymaker.jpg
Ascalon waymarker.

Once, Ascalon was a beautiful, fertile land of rolling green countryside and magnificent cities. Her people were viewed as a bit grim by their neighbors, but this was perhaps to be expected, given their never-ending war against the Charr. Indeed, it was their unfailing vigilance, their Great Northern Wall, and the blood they shed each year to defend it that had protected not only Ascalon, but also Kryta and Orr through the ages.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

Ascalon was once a land filled with wheat fields, blossoming flowers, and natural irrigation throughout the fertile landscape. Ascalon is located between the Shiverpeak Mountains and the Blazeridge Mountains.

During the last Guild War, the people of Rin looked to Adelbern to lead them; he was crowned king due to his feats and popularity. Duke Barradin was the next heir to the throne before Adelbern was crowned and, as such, some of his supporters were not happy when a soldier was named instead. Some royalists, including nobles and members of the court, became bandits and took to the countryside.

Even though Ascalon is a beautiful place, it is riddled with threats from Skale, Grawl, bandits, and the Charr.

Getting there[edit]

Newly created Prophecies characters start in this region; it is the only way to access this region.

Towns and outposts[edit]



Explorable areas[edit]





Concept Art[edit]



  • Pre-Searing Ascalon takes place two years before the rest of the Prophecies campaign and is the course of a single day. As a result, it exists outside the scope of the rest of the Guild Wars world:
    • Once a character enters the Ascalon Academy (PvP battle) and the following Ascalon Academy mission, it leaves this region and cannot ever return.
      • Characters who never leave the area are called Permanent pre-Searing characters.
      • Logging out during the countdown right before entering Ascalon Academy (PvP battle) will cancel the process, but once the loading screen has appeared, there is no possible return.
      • One can only enter Ascalon Academy (PvP battle) once, there is no accessible and repeatable PvP arena in pre-Searing.
    • Items cannot be transferred into pre-Searing Ascalon from any other part of the game; there is no access to the Xunlai storage and no guild hall. Items can still be exported from pre into post by any character leaving the region. Enterprising players create mule characters for this one purpose.

Tutorial area[edit]

  • Pre-Searing Ascalon has always been meant as a tutorial area. In that regard:
    • The skill pool is extremely reduced (13-17 skills). Skill tomes and Elite skill tomes are also not available. Though several NPCs can use them, elite skills are not available to players.
    • Characters cannot ascend in pre-Searing. It is also not possible to get the last 30 attribute points there.
    • Party size is limited to two players. There are no henchmen in any of the outposts.
    • There is no hard mode and no death penalty; however, you still gain a morale boost from killing bosses and from using consumables (Honeycombs most notably).
    • The highest level of non-quest related foes is 10. If the character is above level 16, only three ways to earn experience still exist: quest rewards, death leveling and (since the March 3rd, 2011 update) killing foes which spawn during the daily vanguard quests.
      • Getting experience in pre is much slower than in post, but your character will earn the Defender of Ascalon title if they reach level 20 here.
    • Some items are not available at merchants and substitute, exclusive items can only be dropped from Charr bosses:
    • Aside from Promotional weapons and because of the low level of foes, no gold weapon is available and weapons that can be dropped or acquired as quest rewards are never perfect. Purple Weapons, which only drop from Charr in the Northlands are the only weapons able to grant maximum damage/armor/energy/damage bonus in pre-Searing, but are still below the maximum value that can be reached in post.
    • Armor salvage items (which can be salvaged for runes and insignias) only drop from Charr in the Northlands and can only be salvaged for minor Runes. Major and superior runes are not available.
    • There are statues of the Gods of Tyria in this area, but kneeling before them will not summon avatars.
    • Pet deaths do not cause temporary skill blackout or adrenaline loss for their owner.
    • Enemies will not scatter automatically due to recurrent AoE damage from skills such as Fire Storm or Symbol of Wrath.


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