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Kirrae Geraint

[[Image:User unknown username {{{name}}}.jpg|64x64px]]

62 hours and 40 months

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"They fall at my feet like leaves from a tree."

Hail! Kirrae was my first character ever. She stayed in Pre-Searing for a very long time, then had our collective minds blown by the Searing. Don't even get me started on what an experience my first mission was. Through her, I found out everything about the game and though I didn't play her for a long while, she's slowly become a steady part of my rotation again.
  • Armor: Working toward Ranger Elite Luxon armor. GLOVES: 50 Scale(s), 50 Chitin Fragment(s), 10 Jadeite Shard(s) 15Platinum
  • Game: Working on completing Nightfall.
  • Vanity: She is working for Elite Luxon Armor. GLOVES -> VEST -> MASK

Distracting Shot.jpg
Distracting Shot
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Savage Shot
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Antidote Signet
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Favorable Winds
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Lightning Reflexes
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Resurrection Signet

Campaign Progress[edit]

Factions is complete.


4. Consulate Docks

Hunted!The Great EscapeAnd a Hero Shall Lead Them

5. Venta Cemetery

The Council is CalledTo Vabbi!Centaur Blackmail

6. Kodonur Crossroads

Mysterious Message
(Master of Whispers) Secrets in the ShadowTo Kill a Demon
7a. Rilohn Refuge
(Margrid the Sly) For a PriceNo Me, No Kormir
7b. Pogahn Passage

Storyline rejoins for...
8. Moddok Crevice

Rally The Princes

9. Tihark Orchard

All's Well That Ends WellWarning Kehanni
(Master of Whispers) Calling the Order
10a. Dzagonur Bastion
(Margrid the Sly) Greed and Regret
10b. Dasha Vestibule

Storyline rejoins for...

Pledge of the Merchant Princes

11. Grand Court of Sebelkeh

Attack at the Kodash
Heart or Mind: Garden in Danger
12a. Jennur's Horde
Heart or Mind: Ronjok in Danger
12b. Nundu Bay

Storyline rejoins for...

Crossing the Desolation

13. Gate of Desolation

A Deal's a DealHorde of Darkness

14. Ruins of Morah

Uncharted Territory

15. Gate of Pain

Kormir's CrusadeAll Alone in the Darkness

16. Gate of Madness
17. Abaddon's Gate


8. D'Alessio Seaboard

Lend aid to the White Mantle in their fight against the undead. Protect Confessor Dorian.
*** Characters from other campaigns will begin here.***

9. Divinity Coast

Administer the Test of the Chosen and lead them to Loamhurst.
→ Travel from Druid's Overlook to The Wilds (Quest: A Brother's Fury).

10. The Wilds

Hunt down the Shining Blade, and rescue the Chosen they have kidnapped.

11. Bloodstone Fen

Seek the truth about the White Mantle and what they are doing to the Chosen.
→ Travel from Quarrel Falls to Aurora Glade (Quests: White Mantle Wrath: Demagogue's Vanguard, White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand, Urgent Warning).

12. Aurora Glade

Escape the chasing White Mantle and gain access to the Henge of Denravi.
→ Travel from Henge of Denravi to Riverside Province (Quest: Passage Through The Dark River).

13. Riverside Province

Steal the Scepter of Orr from the White Mantle.

14. Sanctum Cay

Deliver the Scepter of Orr to Vizier Khilbron and escape the White Mantle.
→ Travel from the Amnoon Oasis to Augury Rock for Ascension (Quest: Sands Of Souls).

The Ascension missions:

The Ascension missions can be done in any order. You must finish all three before Augury Rock becomes a mission.
15. Dunes of Despair
Help the Ghostly Hero reclaim his throne in the Temple of Ascension.
16. Thirsty River
Annihilate 6 teams of Forgotten to prove yourself worthy of Ascension.
17. Elona Reach
Gather the three Vision Crystals and bring them to the Ghostly Hero to focus the sight of the Gods of Tyria on you.

18. Augury Rock

Defeat your Doppelganger to Ascend. Note that this is a solo mission.

19. The Dragon's Lair

Gain audience with the oracle dragon Glint by defeating her six facets.
→ Travel from Droknar's Forge to the Ice Caves of Sorrow (Quest: Seeking the Seer).

20. Ice Caves of Sorrow

Rescue Shining Blade leader Evennia from the White Mantle and the Mursaat.

21. Iron Mines of Moladune

Get your armor infused by a Seer, then kill the traitor Markis.

22. Thunderhead Keep

Win the fortress of Thunderhead Keep back from the Stone Summit, then defend it against the Mursaat siege.
→ Travel from Ember Light Camp to the Ring of Fire (Quest: Final Blow).

23. Ring of Fire

Get into Abaddon's Mouth, to gain access to the Door of Komalie.

24. Abaddon's Mouth

Open the Door of Komalie, which is supposed to hold behind it the only way to defeat the Mursaat.

25. Hell's Precipice

Defeat the Lich Lord and stop his army of Titans.

NOTE: The following quests are secondary and are not required, however they may wrap up the campaign for many players, as they involve finally destroying the Titans and killing Titan lords.

→ Find and destroy the Titan Lord Evirso Sectus and his army in Mineral Springs (Quest: Defend Droknar's Forge).
→ Travel to The Henge of Denravi and help the Shining Blade defend Denravi from the Titans (Quest: Defend Denravi).
→ Defend North Kryta Province from waves of attacking Titans (Quest: Defend North Kryta Province).
→ Help King Adelbern defend Ascalon from the Titans (Quest: The Last Day Dawns).
→ Find and destroy the Titan's source of power to save Tyria (Quest: The Titan Source).


Mesmer Norgu No   Warrior Koss Yes   Paragon General Morgahn No   Warrior Jora No   Dervish Kahmu No
Warrior Goren No   Monk Dunkoro Yes   Ranger Margrid the Sly No   Ranger Pyre Fierceshot No   Mesmer Gwen No
Monk Tahlkora Yes   Elementalist Acolyte Sousuke Yes   Assassin Zenmai No   Assassin Anton No   Ritualist Xandra No
Necromancer Master of Whispers No   Dervish Melonni Yes   Necromancer Olias Yes   Necromancer Livia No   Elementalist Vekk No
Ranger Acolyte Jin No   Elementalist Zhed Shadowhoof Yes   Ritualist Razah No   Paragon Hayda No   Monk Ogden Stonehealer No
        Paragon Keiran Thackery No           Dervish M.O.X. Yes        

Elite Skills[edit]

Ranger-tango-icon-48.png Enraged Lunge Ferocious Strike Heal as One Lacerate Rampage as One Strike as One Archer's Signet Escape Expert's Dexterity Glass Arrows Infuriating Heat Markman's Wager Oath Shot Practiced Stance Trapper's Focus Barrage Broad Head Arrow Burning Arrow
No No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No Yes No No
Crippling Shot Melandru's Shot Prepared Shot Punishing Shot Equinox Famine Greater Conflagration Incendiary Arrows Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Resilience Poison Arrow Quicksand Scavenger's Focus Smoke Trap Spike Trape Magebane Shot Quick Shot  
No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No  

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