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Explorable Areas project

This project was designed to complete and update all explorable areas.


Please feel free to add your name here if you are helping or want to help.

Current Status[edit]

  • Put the checklist on this projects sub projects talk page to monitor their completion.
  • Please cross off an area if it has been completed and double checked by two users.


Each page should have the following to be considered complete and follow Wiki formatting:

  • General Guidelines
    • Always use the infobox. The infobox will provide auto-categorization for the article.
    • Avoid subjective wording when providing a description.
    • For the area map, screenshots of the mission map including shrine and collector icons are preferred over screenshots of the world map.
  • Formatting
    • An overview of the location. This might be used to describe the overall style or theme of the location. There could also be mention of notable landmarks, general creature types, and possibly some notes on navigation or travel through the area. Avoid using the in-game description here.
    • An in-game description
    • Notable landmarks and points of interest
    • All shines and blessings organized by type if applicable.
    • Quests obtainable from this location
    • A complete list of all NPC's
    • A complete List of all Foes organized by type and affiliation with Normal Mode and Hard mode levels
    • A complete list of all Bosses along with their elite and unique item if applicable
    • Any additional notes regarding this location.
    • Any trivia information.
    • Navbars
    • Categories
    • Map of area
    • Map of Boss locations

Explorable Areas Project Checklist[edit]

Area Infobox? Overview? In-Game Description? Landmarks? Shrines? Quests? NPC's? Foes? Bosses? Hard Mode Levels? Notes? Trivia? Maps?
[[]] No No No No No No No No No No No No No

The Mists explorable areas[edit]

The Mists

Prophecies explorable areas[edit]

Pre-Searing Ascalon Post-Searing Ascalon Shiverpeak Mountains Kryta Maguuma Jungle Crystal Desert Ring of Fire Islands

Factions explorable areas[edit]

Shing Jea Island Kaineng City Echovald Forest The Jade Sea

Nightfall explorable areas[edit]

Istan Kourna Vabbi The Desolation Realm of Torment