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About the clan of Lefem

Welcome friend.

I am the official historian and scribe for the old world family of coven members, otherwise known as - Lefem.
~ Andreas Tanis-Lefem
Necromancer render.jpg

This is their story...

Family and Members: Primarily hailing from the vast reaches throughout the world of Tyria; with many of our kinfolk from the main continents of Cantha, Elona, including the continent of Tyria, comprising a unique mix of ethnicities with eclectic abilities of combat, tactics,and survival skills. Plus, let's face it, we enjoy hosting / participating in festive gatherings and parties.
Guild: House Of Lefem [HoL]
Founders: Mysta Myou and Mysti Lefem
Founded in the year: 1070 AE (2008)
Guild Hall: Isle of Meditation in the locale / region of Shing Jea Island
Allegiance: House zu Heltzer
Guild Alliance group: Astral Travellers [OBE]
Empire of the Dragon - Faction support of the: Kurzicks & Luxon Armada

Today is: 21 Scion 1092 AE - 19 Nemnai 1514 CC - 21 Scion 1292 DR

Update The latest game update was on June 28, 2024
Update The latest game update was on June 28, 2024
Lefem Family
GuildWars Events
Information and Progressions

Our Heroines and Heroes of Tyria

Warrior Lady Xena
"Rock, Stick, Club, Axe, Sword, Shield, Hammer - They all hurt you, right?"
"Oh, yeah!... How does this feel?"
"Be sure to give my regards to Grenth."
Ranger Taskmistress Tikka
"Whoops! Missed me. My turn!"
"BOOM! Head shot... BOOM! Head Shot!"
"Now, I've seen knights in armor panic at the first hint of battle. and I've even seen the lowliest, unarmed squire pull a spear from his own body, to defend a dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright. It's defined by one's actions."'
Monk Lady Holli
"Ah, the sounds of agony. Music to my ears."
"He dodges left, he dodges right, and...BOOM goes the Balthazate!"
"That... was AWESOME!"
Necromancer Taskmistress Selene
"For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era... Like the weapons of the previous century, we too would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it."
Necromancer Andreas Tanis-Lefem
"I knew it was you, Selene. The stench of Viktor's blood still lingers in your veins."
"I've done what's necessary to survive. My decision was made easy the day your precious Viktor betrayed me."
Necromancer Lady Sonja
"Have you nothing better to do, Blacksmith, than play with weapons of war? At least make yourself useful."
Mesmer Lady Mysti Q
"I make this look good. Heh, I make everything look good."
"How about I give you a makeover?"
"Lights! Camera! Action -
Poof! Zap! -- You're DEAD!"
"Mirror, mirror, in my hand, who is the fairest in all the land? (The answer is me, in case you're wondering.)"
Elementalist Governess Mysti
"Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - Earth, Air, Fire... Now where was I? Oh, yeah; Water. KABOOM!"
"As they say in the business... It EXPLODED!"
"Burn... Baby... BURN!"
"I am so not in the mood for this right now."
"Big Boom!"
"Big, Bada BOOM!"
Assassin Ms. Nikita
"Pizza dude's got 30 seconds.
Hmm, ...Times up, 3 Bucks Off!"
"Wise man; Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza!"
"Man... I feel like I’m at an ugly convention."
"Dude; Did you see his face?
Mother-fracker looks like Predator!"
Ritualist Mistress Mandy
"Mistress Mandy, thinks that you have been a bad boy!...
...Mistress Mandy, wants to, punish you!!"
"Whoa! I've never seen blood do that before!"
"You hit me! Not even Abaddon would strike such a beautiful face."
Paragon It's...Britney, Bitch!
"You want a hot body? You want a Elite spear? You want a Elite shield?
You better work, bitch!...
You want Elite armor? Sip 'Krytan Brandy'? Look hot in a bikini?
You better work, bitch!...
You wanna live fancy? Live in a big Guild Hall? Party in Tyria?
You better work, bitch!...
You better work, bitch!... You better work, bitch!...
Now get to work, Bitch!"
''...Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh, baby baby...
Oops, you think I'm in love. That I'm sent from above. I'm not that innocent."
Dervish Ms. Stevie
"On the edge... of... Seventeen!"
"Just like the white winged dove Sings a song, sounds like she's singing.. Ooh baby, ooh said, ooh."
"And this one time, at bandit camp..."
Elementalist Mistress Sin
"Say the magic words, Say the magic words - Fat Gandalf!"
"Does my outfit look, sinful?
That's why they call me Mistress Sin!"
"I'm hot blooded!.. Check it and see!..
Got a fever of a... Hundred and three!"
Ritualist Mistress Robyn
"Oh Yeah! I'd like to see you pull a spirit out of your arse,.. It isn't easy you know!"
"Such hideous creatures should banish themselves from my sight."
"Let's hurry this up, I've got a date scheduled for this afternoon."
Ranger Mistress Staci
"Hello Infidels!"
...I Keel YOU!"
"As they say in the business... It EXPLODED!"
"But, what happened to the ammo cart?
Oh,.. it's over there, over there and... up there."
Necromancer Mistress Jewell
"Sit Boo-Boo Sit - Good boy"
"Kiss my boots!"
"Do you like pie? I like pie.."
"Bubble Bubbles.. Toil and Troubles."
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Zaishen Events
Daily (changes at 16:00 UTC - other days)
Today Tomorrow
Nicholas Sandford Icy Lodestone Worn Belt
Vanguard quest Vanguard Annihilation: Bandits Vanguard Bounty: Utini Wupwup
Wanted Selenas the Blunt Justiciar Amilyn
Zaishen Mission Hell's Precipice Ruins of Surmia
Zaishen Bounty Arachni The Four Horsemen
Zaishen Combat Fort Aspenwood Jade Quarry
Zaishen Vanquish Gyala Hatchery Ettin's Back
Weekly (changes Monday at 15:00 UTC - other weeks)
This week Next week
Nicholas the Traveler 3 Leathery Claws
in Ascalon Foothills
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1 Azure Crest
in Unwaking Waters (explorable area)
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Weekly bonuses Faction Support Bonus
Guild Versus Guild Bonus
Zaishen Vanquishing Bonus
Competitive Mission Bonus
Nicholas' Drop rate research.
Nicholas' various item's.

Special Events:

Birthday Celebrations:

  • Elementalist Mysti January, 1st (-200 days)
  • Elementalist Sinthia January, 17th (-184 days)
  • Mesmer Mandy January, 30th (-171 days)
  • Necromancer Selene February, 16th (-154 days)
  • Ranger Tikka March, 4th (-137 days)
  • Mesmer Mystique March, 28th (-113 days)
  • Ritualist Robyn June, 6th (-43 days)
  • Assassin Nikita June, 16th (-33 days)
  • Monk Holli July, 6th (-13 days)
  • Paragon Britney July, 16th (-3 days)
  • Dervish Stevie August, 16th (28 days)
  • Necromancer Jewell October, 19th (92 days)
  • Warrior Xena October, 31st (104 days)
  • Ranger Staci November, 23rd (127 days)
PvP Members

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Dragon's Throat
Altrumm Ruins Kurzick Faction
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Zos Shivros Channel Luxon Faction
The Aurios Mines Luxon Faction
Dajkah Inlet *Stolen Sunspear Armor*
Remains of Sahlahja *Ancient Armor Remnants*
The Shadow Nexus *Mysterious Armor Pieces*
Glint's Challenge *Cloth of the Brotherhood*
Scarred_Psyche ToT Bags, Gold and Gamer Points

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The Underworld Dhuum
The Fissure of Woe Priest of Menzies
Sorrow's Furnace Iron Forgeman
Tomb of the Primeval Kings (4) Zones of Combat
The Deep Kanaxai
Urgoz's Warren Urgoz
The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx Mallyx the Unyielding / *Primeval Armor Remnants*
Slaver's Exile (4) Bosses + Duncan the Black / *Deldrimor Armor Remnants*

War & Peace, Love and Beyond...
The Prelude to Krytan Civil War:

Blue vs. Grey
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Shining Blade Camp
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Courtship, Love and a Wedding:

Scavenger Hunt
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1382 cc - 1590 CC Future for Cantha
1589CC - A Changed Wind Blows
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Suggested builds for WoC
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Ascalon pre-Searing Guide
Perma-Pre Talk Page
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Survivor Title in pre-Searing Guide
Farming Red Iris Flowers

Vanguard Quest Background - Information:

Bandits - Annihilation
Blazefiend Griefblade - Bounty
Charr - Annihilation
Countess Nadya - Bounty
Farmer Hamnet - Rescue
Footman Tate - Rescue
Ascalonian Noble - Rescue
Undead - Annihilation
Utini Wupwup - Bounty

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Unique / Unofficial Terms:

15^50 Weapon Enhancement
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55 - Monk
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