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Quest 0(edit) The Ascalon Settlement
Quest 1(edit) The Villainy of Galrath
Quest 2(edit) Bandit Trouble
Quest 3(edit) A Gift for Jalis Ironhammer
Quest 4(edit) To Kryta: Journey's End
Quest 5(edit) Graven Images
Quest 6(edit) The Hot Springs Murders
Quest 7(edit) The Last Hog
Quest 8(edit) The Lost Princess
Quest 9(edit) Duties of a Lionguard
Quest 10(edit) The Royal Papers
Quest 11(edit) A Journey of Redemption
Quest 12(edit) Blankets for the Settlers
Quest 13(edit) Orrian Excavation
Quest 14(edit) Malaquire's Test
Quest 15(edit) Reversing the Skales
Quest 16(edit) The Undead Hordes
Quest 17(edit) Lagaan's Ordeal
Quest 18(edit) Lagaan's Gratitude
Quest 19(edit) Report to the White Mantle
Quest 20(edit) Merchant's Plea
Quest 21(edit) A Belated Betrothal
Quest 22(edit) Ancient Secrets
Quest 23(edit) The Forgotten Ones
Quest 24(edit) Forgotten Wisdom
Quest 25(edit) Ghostly Vengeance
Quest 26(edit) Into the Unknown
Quest 27(edit) The Misplaced Sword
Quest 28(edit) Sands Of Souls
Quest 29(edit) The Mesmer's Path
Quest 30(edit) The Necromancer's Path
Quest 31(edit) The Elementalist's Path
Quest 32(edit) The Monk's Path
Quest 33(edit) The Warrior's Path
Quest 34(edit) The Ranger's Path
Quest 35(edit) War Preparations
Quest 36(edit) The Hunter's Horn
Quest 37(edit) The Supremacy of Air
Quest 38(edit) Rites of Remembrance
Quest 39(edit) Little Thom's Big Cloak
Quest 40(edit) The Vineyard Problem
Quest 41(edit) Bandit Raid
Quest 42(edit) A Test of Marksmanship
Quest 43(edit) The Power of Blood
Quest 44(edit) The Rogue's Replacement
Quest 45(edit) Charr in the Catacombs
Quest 46(edit) Charr at the Gate
Quest 47(edit) The Accursed Path
Quest 48(edit) The Poison Devourer
Quest 49(edit) Domination Magic (quest)
Quest 50(edit) The True King
Quest 51(edit) The Egg Hunter
Quest 52(edit) The Worm Problem
Quest 53(edit) The Prize Moa Bird
Quest 54(edit) Further Adventures
Quest 55(edit) The Wayward Wizard
Quest 56(edit) Adventure with an Ally
Quest 57(edit) The Orchard
Quest 58(edit) A Gift for Althea
Quest 59(edit) Gwen's Flute (quest)
Quest 60(edit) Warrior's Challenge
Quest 61(edit) Tithe for Ashford Abbey
Quest 62(edit) Unsettling Rumors
Quest 63(edit) A New Mesmer Trainer
Quest 64(edit) A New Necromancer Trainer
Quest 65(edit) A New Elementalist Trainer
Quest 66(edit) A New Monk Trainer
Quest 67(edit) A New Warrior Trainer
Quest 68(edit) A New Ranger Trainer
Quest 69(edit) Across the Wall
Quest 70(edit) Poor Tenant
Quest 71(edit) A Mesmer's Burden
Quest 72(edit) The Necromancer's Novice
Quest 73(edit) The Elementalist Experiment
Quest 74(edit) A Monk's Mission
Quest 75(edit) Grawl Invasion
Quest 76(edit) The Ranger's Companion
Quest 77(edit) Protection Prayers (quest)
Quest 78(edit) Opposition to the King
Quest 79(edit) A Second Profession
Quest 80(edit) Message from a Friend
Quest 81(edit) Mesmer Test
Quest 82(edit) Necromancer Test
Quest 83(edit) Elementalist Test
Quest 84(edit) Monk Test
Quest 85(edit) Warrior Test
Quest 86(edit) Ranger Test
Quest 87(edit) The Blessings of Balthazar
Quest 88(edit) Unnatural Growths
Quest 89(edit) The Path to Glory
Quest 90(edit) Trouble in the Woods
Quest 91(edit) White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand
Quest 92(edit) Urgent Warning
Quest 93(edit) Blood And Smoke
Quest 94(edit) Dropping Eaves
Quest 95(edit) A Brother's Fury
Quest 96(edit) Eye For Profit
Quest 97(edit) Mysterious Message (Prophecies quest)
Quest 98(edit) The Price of Steel
Quest 99(edit) White Mantle Wrath: Demagogue's Vanguard
Quest 100(edit) Passage Through The Dark River
Quest 101(edit) Clear the Chamber
Quest 102(edit) Servants of Grenth
Quest 103(edit) Unwanted Guests
Quest 104(edit) Demon Assassin
Quest 105(edit) Imprisoned Spirits
Quest 106(edit) The Four Horsemen
Quest 107(edit) Terrorweb Queen
Quest 108(edit) Escort of Souls
Quest 109(edit) Restoring Grenth's Monuments
Quest 110(edit) Wrathful Spirits
Quest 111(edit) Charr Reinforcements
Quest 112(edit) Symon's History of Ascalon
Quest 113(edit) Experimental Elixir
Quest 114(edit) Trying Times
Quest 115(edit) Unnatural Creatures
Quest 116(edit) The Charr Patrol
Quest 117(edit) The Charr Staging Area
Quest 118(edit) A Cure for Ralena
Quest 119(edit) Casualty Report
Quest 120(edit) Death in the Ruins
Quest 121(edit) Fallen Soldiers
Quest 122(edit) Oberan's Rage
Quest 123(edit) Althea's Ashes
Quest 124(edit) Hammer and Anvil
Quest 125(edit) The Geomancer's Test
Quest 126(edit) The Way of the Geomancer
Quest 127(edit) Shalev's Task
Quest 128(edit) Elemental Knowledge
Quest 129(edit) The Duke's Daughter
Quest 130(edit) Barradin's Advance
Quest 131(edit) Fires in the East
Quest 132(edit) Fires in the North
Quest 133(edit) Frontier Gate Fugitives
Quest 134(edit) Bounty for Chieftain Murg
Quest 135(edit) Helping the People of Ascalon
Quest 136(edit) Cities of Ascalon
Quest 137(edit) Counting the Fallen
Quest 138(edit) Scavengers in Old Ascalon
Quest 139(edit) Garfazz Bloodfang (quest)
Quest 140(edit) The King's Message
Quest 141(edit) In Memory of Paulus
Quest 142(edit) Protecting Ascalon
Quest 143(edit) The Lost Master
Quest 144(edit) The Ambassador's Quandary
Quest 145(edit) Rastin's Ritual
Quest 146(edit) A Mission of Peace
Quest 147(edit) The Troublesome Artifact
Quest 148(edit) Barradin's Stand
Quest 149(edit) Army Life
Quest 150(edit) Into the Breach
Quest 151(edit) Military Matters
Quest 152(edit) The Red-Cloaked Deserter
Quest 153(edit) The Siege of Piken Square
Quest 154(edit) Replacement Healers
Quest 155(edit) Rogenn's Duel
Quest 156(edit) Regent Valley Defense
Quest 157(edit) Mesmerizing the Enemy
Quest 158(edit) The Stolen Artifact
Quest 159(edit) Scorched Earth (Prophecies quest)
Quest 160(edit) Sowing Seeds
Quest 161(edit) Gargoyle Trouble
Quest 162(edit) Endangered Species
Quest 163(edit) The Missing Melandru Relic
Quest 164(edit) Supplies for the Duke
Quest 165(edit) Ruins of Surmia (quest)
Quest 166(edit) Vanguard Equipment
Quest 167(edit) Deliver a Message to My Wife
Quest 168(edit) Recruits for Hollis
Quest 169(edit) The Krytan Ambassador
Quest 170(edit) Collect Charr Armor Set
Quest 171(edit) Defend the Wall
Quest 172(edit) Slay Rotscale
Quest 173(edit) Slay Stank Reekfoul
Quest 174(edit) Repel Charr
Quest 175(edit) Scout Charr
Quest 176(edit) Collect Gargoyle Fangs
Quest 177(edit) Defend Droknar's Forge
Quest 178(edit) The Road to Borlis Pass
Quest 179(edit) To Kryta: The Ice Cave
Quest 180(edit) The Stone Summit Champion
Quest 181(edit) Renegade Necromancer
Quest 182(edit) The Deserters
Quest 183(edit) A Heart of Ice
Quest 184(edit) The Missing Artisan
Quest 185(edit) Helping the Dwarves
Quest 186(edit) Hungry Devourer
Quest 187(edit) Oswalt's Epitaph
Quest 188(edit) Securing the Vale
Quest 189(edit) Minaar's Trouble
Quest 190(edit) Iron Horse War Machine
Quest 191(edit) Minaar's Worry
Quest 192(edit) Stone Summit Beastmasters
Quest 193(edit) Slay Frostbite
Quest 194(edit) The Hero's Journey
Quest 195(edit) The Hero's Challenge
Quest 196(edit) Seeking The Seer
Quest 197(edit) Shiverpeak Stragglers
Quest 198(edit) The Way is Blocked
Quest 199(edit) To Kryta: Refugees
Quest 200(edit) The Wayward Monk
Quest 201(edit) Into the Breach
Quest 202(edit) Defend the Temple of War
Quest 203(edit) Army of Darkness
Quest 204(edit) The Wailing Lord
Quest 205(edit) A Gift of Griffons
Quest 206(edit) Slaves of Menzies
Quest 207(edit) Restore the Temple of War
Quest 208(edit) The Hunt
Quest 209(edit) The Eternal Forgemaster
Quest 210(edit) Champions of Orr
Quest 211(edit) Tower of Strength
Quest 212(edit) Tower of Courage
Quest 213(edit) Final Blow
Quest 214(edit) Wisdom of the Druids
Quest 215(edit) Family Ties (Prophecies quest)
Quest 216(edit) The Weaver of Nebo
Quest 217(edit) War Preparations
Quest 218(edit) War Preparations
Quest 219(edit) War Preparations
Quest 220(edit) War Preparations
Quest 221(edit) War Preparations
Quest 222(edit) War Preparations
Quest 223(edit) The False Gods
Quest 224(edit) Khobay the Betrayer
Quest 225(edit) Caravan in Trouble
Quest 226(edit) Defend North Kryta Province
Quest 227(edit) Defend Denravi
Quest 228(edit) The Last Day Dawns
Quest 229(edit) The Titan Source
Quest 230(edit) Cold One (quest)
Quest 231(edit) The Forge Heart
Quest 232(edit) Wrenches In The Gears
Quest 233(edit) Unspeakable, Unknowable
Quest 234(edit) To Sorrow's Furnace
Quest 235(edit) Noble Intentions
Quest 236(edit) Noble Intentions Plan B
Quest 237(edit) Kilroy Stonekin (quest)
Quest 238(edit) Summit Slaves
Quest 239(edit) Gathering Resources
Quest 240(edit) Unruly Slaves
Quest 241(edit) Fire in the Hole
Quest 242(edit) Tasca's Reprise
Quest 243(edit) Subversive Ideas
Quest 244(edit) Political Ramifications
Quest 245(edit) The Final Assault
Quest 246(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Lee
Quest 247(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Kaa
Quest 248(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Kuju
Quest 249(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Vhang
Quest 250(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Zhan
Quest 251(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Amara
Quest 252(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Greico
Quest 253(edit) Seek Out Headmaster Quin
Quest 254(edit) Locate Jinzo
Quest 255(edit) Locate Mei Ling
Quest 256(edit) Locate Reng Ku
Quest 257(edit) Locate Ronsu
Quest 258(edit) Locate Sister Tai
Quest 259(edit) Locate Talon Silverwing
Quest 260(edit) Locate Sujun
Quest 261(edit) Locate Professor Gai
Quest 262(edit) Track Down Panaku
Quest 263(edit) Track Down Lo Sha
Quest 264(edit) Track Down Su
Quest 265(edit) Track Down Kai Ying
Quest 266(edit) Track Down Brother Pe Wan
Quest 267(edit) Track Down Weng Gha
Quest 268(edit) Track Down Zho
Quest 269(edit) Track Down Ang the Ephemeral
Quest 270(edit) Opening Strike
Quest 271(edit) Cleansing the Shrine
Quest 272(edit) Little Creatures
Quest 273(edit) Spark of Interest
Quest 274(edit) Stale Mate
Quest 275(edit) Talon's Duel
Quest 276(edit) Free the Fur
Quest 277(edit) Minions Gone Wild
Quest 278(edit) Dual Strike
Quest 279(edit) Lo Sha's Gift
Quest 280(edit) Reaping the Naga
Quest 281(edit) Sparring Elements
Quest 282(edit) Seeking a Cure
Quest 283(edit) The Crop Thieves
Quest 284(edit) The Yeti Hunt
Quest 285(edit) Shackled Spirits
Quest 286(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 287(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 288(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 289(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 290(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 291(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 292(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 293(edit) An Audience with Master Togo
Quest 294(edit) Speak with Headmaster Lee (Assassin)
Quest 295(edit) Speak with Headmaster Kaa (Mesmer)
Quest 296(edit) Speak with Headmaster Kuju (Necromancer)
Quest 297(edit) Speak with Headmaster Vhang (Elementalist)
Quest 298(edit) Speak with Headmaster Amara (Monk)
Quest 299(edit) Speak with Headmaster Zhan (Warrior)
Quest 300(edit) Speak with Headmaster Greico (Ranger)
Quest 301(edit) Speak with Headmaster Quin (Ritualist)
Quest 302(edit) Defense Against Hexes
Quest 303(edit) Disruption
Quest 304(edit) Skill Chaining
Quest 305(edit) Snaring Course
Quest 306(edit) Disenchantment Course
Quest 307(edit) Condition Removal
Quest 308(edit) Advanced Defense Techniques
Quest 309(edit) Elementalist Insignia
Quest 310(edit) Warrior Insignia
Quest 311(edit) Mesmer Insignia
Quest 312(edit) Monk Insignia
Quest 313(edit) Necromancer Insignia
Quest 314(edit) Ranger Insignia
Quest 315(edit) Ritualist Insignia
Quest 316(edit) Assassin Insignia
Quest 317(edit) Choose Your Secondary Profession (Factions quest)
Quest 318(edit) A Formal Introduction
Quest 319(edit) The Sickened Village
Quest 320(edit) The Red Frog
Quest 321(edit) The Kaguchi Brothers
Quest 322(edit) The Box of Illusions
Quest 323(edit) Old Friends, Dark Times
Quest 324(edit) Power Surge
Quest 325(edit) Cleansing the Steel
Quest 326(edit) The Stone of the Elements
Quest 327(edit) Assassination Attempt
Quest 328(edit) Little Lost Bear
Quest 329(edit) Imperial Assistance
Quest 330(edit) Medical Emergency
Quest 331(edit) Red Tape
Quest 332(edit) Assist the Guards
Quest 333(edit) Straight to the Top
Quest 334(edit) Drink from the Chalice of Corruption
Quest 335(edit) Refuse to Drink
Quest 336(edit) The Search for a Cure
Quest 337(edit) Seek out Brother Tosai
Quest 338(edit) An End to Suffering
Quest 339(edit) Warning the Tengu
Quest 340(edit) The Threat Grows
Quest 341(edit) Journey to the Master
Quest 342(edit) The Road Less Traveled
Quest 343(edit) Looking For Trouble
Quest 344(edit) To the Rescue (Factions quest)
Quest 345(edit) To Zen Daijun
Quest 346(edit) Lost Treasure
Quest 347(edit) Mantid Hatchlings
Quest 348(edit) An Unwelcome Guest
Quest 349(edit) A Master's Burden
Quest 350(edit) To Tahnnakai Temple
Quest 351(edit) Into the Whirlpool
Quest 352(edit) Journey to House zu Heltzer
Quest 353(edit) Journey to Cavalon
Quest 354(edit) Naga Oil
Quest 355(edit) Street Justice
Quest 356(edit) Finding The Oracle
Quest 357(edit) Closer to the Stars
Quest 358(edit) Appearance of the Naga
Quest 359(edit) The Rite of Valor
Quest 360(edit) Death with Honor
Quest 361(edit) The Nameless Masters
Quest 362(edit) The Path of the Zaishen Elite
Quest 363(edit) The Team Trials
Quest 364(edit) Kurzick Supply Lines
Quest 365(edit) Scouting Ferndale
Quest 366(edit) Scout the Coast
Quest 367(edit) Securing Echovald Forest
Quest 368(edit) Duel of the Houses
Quest 369(edit) The Jade Arena
Quest 370(edit) In the Army (Luxon)
Quest 371(edit) Scouting Maishang Hills
Quest 372(edit) Luxon Supply Lines
Quest 373(edit) In the Army Now (Kurzick)
Quest 374(edit) Befriending the Kurzicks
Quest 375(edit) Befriending the Luxons
Quest 376(edit) Mayhem in the Market
Quest 377(edit) Welcome to Cantha
Quest 378(edit) The Defenders of the Forest
Quest 379(edit) A Meeting With the Emperor
Quest 380(edit) The Count's Daughter
Quest 381(edit) Stolen Eggs
Quest 382(edit) The Convocation
Quest 383(edit) Journey to the Whirlpool
Quest 384(edit) Taking Back the Palace
Quest 385(edit) Quimang's Last Stand
Quest 386(edit) The Siege at Tsumei Village
Quest 387(edit) Togo's Ultimatum
Quest 388(edit) Revenge of the Yeti
Quest 389(edit) The Agriculturist
Quest 390(edit) The Captured Son
Quest 391(edit) The Naga Source
Quest 392(edit) Sentimental Treasures
Quest 393(edit) Skin the Snake
Quest 394(edit) Pest Control
Quest 395(edit) The Thieving Nanny
Quest 396(edit) City Under Attack
Quest 397(edit) Battle in the Sewers
Quest 398(edit) The Ancient Forest
Quest 399(edit) Wicked Wardens
Quest 400(edit) Song and Stone
Quest 401(edit) A New Escort
Quest 402(edit) The Experimental Weaponsmith
Quest 403(edit) Melodic Gaki Flute
Quest 404(edit) Discord Wallow Lyre
Quest 405(edit) Rhythm Drinker Drum
Quest 406(edit) Envoy of the Dredge
Quest 407(edit) Temple of the Dredge
Quest 408(edit) Revolt of the Dredge
Quest 409(edit) The Halcyon Job
Quest 410(edit) Attack the Kurzicks!
Quest 411(edit) Protect the Halcyon
Quest 412(edit) Outcasts in the Quarry
Quest 413(edit) Challenge of Strength
Quest 414(edit) Artistic Endeavors
Quest 415(edit) The Beak of Darkness
Quest 416(edit) Wardens On the March
Quest 417(edit) Invoking the Saints
Quest 418(edit) If It Weren't for Bad Luck....
Quest 419(edit) Night Raiders
Quest 420(edit) Message on a Dragon Scale
Quest 421(edit) Messages, Messages Everywhere
Quest 422(edit) The Zenos Squad
Quest 423(edit) The Impossible Sea Monster
Quest 424(edit) Minister's Test
Quest 425(edit) Capturing the Orrian Tome
Quest 426(edit) A Tasty Morsel
Quest 427(edit) Wayward Guide
Quest 428(edit) A New Guide
Quest 429(edit) Getting Even
Quest 430(edit) Sticks and Stones
Quest 431(edit) Forgotten Retribution
Quest 432(edit) Defend Fort Aspenwood
Quest 433(edit) The Jade Quarry (Kurzick quest)
Quest 434(edit) Fort Aspenwood (quest)
Quest 435(edit) The Jade Quarry (Luxon quest)
Quest 436(edit) Mhenlo's Request
Quest 437(edit) The Bog Beast of Bokku
Quest 438(edit) A Belt Pouch
Quest 439(edit) Cash Crops
Quest 440(edit) Forming a Party
Quest 441(edit) Study Buddy
Quest 442(edit) The Dragon Hunter
Quest 443(edit) More Cowbell
Quest 444(edit) A Letter Home
Quest 445(edit) Return of the Yeti
Quest 446(edit) The Challenge
Quest 447(edit) Captured
Quest 448(edit) The Emperor in Peril
Quest 449(edit) The Plot Thickens
Quest 450(edit) It Ends Here
Quest 451(edit) Masters of Corruption
Quest 452(edit) The Drunken Master
Quest 453(edit) Eliminate the Am Fah
Quest 454(edit) Eliminate the Jade Brotherhood
Quest 455(edit) Problem Salving
Quest 456(edit) Going Home
Quest 457(edit) Missing Daughter
Quest 458(edit) Too High a Price
Quest 459(edit) The Xunlai Agent
Quest 460(edit) Luxury Goods
Quest 461(edit) Charting the Forests
Quest 462(edit) Charting the Jade Sea
Quest 463(edit) Stemming the Tide
Quest 464(edit) The Missing Corpses
Quest 465(edit) The Missing Link
Quest 466(edit) The Afflicted Guard
Quest 467(edit) Seeking Shelter
Quest 468(edit) Housing for Refugees
Quest 469(edit) A Monstrous Revelation
Quest 470(edit) The Shadow Blades
Quest 471(edit) Lambs to the Slaughter
Quest 473(edit) Feed the Hungry
Quest 474(edit) Passing the Buck
Quest 475(edit) Raze the Roost
Quest 476(edit) Last of the Breed
Quest 477(edit) Refuse the King
Quest 478(edit) The Growing Threat
Quest 479(edit) Chaos in Kryta
Quest 480(edit) Vanishing Spirits
Quest 481(edit) Pilgrimage
Quest 482(edit) Requiem for a Brain
Quest 483(edit) Under New Management
Quest 484(edit) Destroy the Ungrateful Slaves
Quest 485(edit) A Show of Force
Quest 486(edit) Temple of the Monoliths
Quest 487(edit) Return of the Undead King
Quest 488(edit) Strange Bedfellows
Quest 489(edit) She Hungers
Quest 490(edit) The Council is Called
Quest 491(edit) Desperate Measures
Quest 492(edit) The Search for Survivors
Quest 493(edit) A Sound of Ancient Horns
Quest 494(edit) Garden Chores
Quest 495(edit) Which Way Did He Go?
Quest 496(edit) One Man's Dream
Quest 497(edit) Puzzling Parchment
Quest 498(edit) A Brief Introduction
Quest 499(edit) Plague of Frogs